Spiritual Growth

5 Ways to Kill Sin

Struggling against sin seems like an uphill battle. We take a step forward only to take two back. We struggle with the same sins over and over. Sometimes believers think they can either fully remove the battle of sin from their lives, or they think there can be little or no progress against the habits […]


Hell Is Not Separation From God

The problem here is that hell, rather than God, has become the object of fear.

Jesus Christ

The Gospel According to Mary

The glad tidings of Genesis 3:15—namely, that God will give Eve an offspring who will crush the serpent's head—creates faith. Yet it also initiates a war between the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent that will become the story behind all of the stories in the Bible.


Spiritual Authority in an Anti-Authoritarian Age

The question of authority is a hard and really uncomfortable one for a lot of people because we live in an anti-authority age in which we’re skeptical of authority. We’re in a post-truth era. We don’t even know who to trust, what to trust. So, within these institutions that used to be trustworthy (religion, politics, leaders), we don’t know who to trust anymore.


The Kind of Christianity That No One Talks About

If Christianity is going to survive in a post-Christian environment, then Christianity should not only be asserted as true, or even good for the world, but it should be beautiful in itself.


15 Ways to Lead Like Jesus

As Christians in service to God, we are called to a ministry, not a business, and to a vocation, not a paycheck.


Encouragement for Weary Leaders: What You are Doing Matters

Having now served for eighteen years in pastoral ministry, I still resist the professor’s advice that pastors should seek their primary community and friendships outside of their own church communities.


Where Can God Be Found in Our World of Violence?

The Christian claim about God has confounded the wise since the beginning, but this is where we find God in a world of violence.


How to Make Time for Family Worship in a Crazy, Busy World

Here are a few of the ways you can include family worship throughout your day—no matter how busy and chaotic your life might be right now.


I Don’t Love to Pray, But I Want To

The catechism’s two questions introducing the Lord’s Prayer can help breathe life into our sometimes-arid prayer habits.