How is God Glorified in the Texas Church Shooting?

BY  POSTED Tuesday, November 7
I checked the news and saw that another mass shooting had occurred. 26 dead at a church in Texas. One question burned in my heart…
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Is Sex in a Committed Dating Relationship OK?

BY  POSTED Tuesday, January 25
Episode 888 | Pastor Adriel Sanchez and Dr. Bill Maier answer questions about premarital sex, rewards in heaven, the divinity of Jesus, and praying for those who are sick.

Can We Trust A Bible Written by Imperfect People? with Special Guest Dr. Michael Horton

POSTED Friday, April 24
Episode 430 |  Pastor Adriel Sanchez and Dr. Bill Maier with special guest Michael Horton answer questions about why God allowed sin in the first place, the trustworthiness of Scripture, what the…
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Happy Juneteenth!

BY  POSTED Monday, June 20
[…] all laws is honored. That takes time.   Two years after President Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, the enslaved were still in chains in Texas.

What Should We Believe About the Robes in Revelation Chapter 7?

POSTED Friday, December 13
[…] focusing on heaven? 2. I have gotten three different confirmations to move from Texas to Colorado. And I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt. […]
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5 Non-Negotiables from the Church Fathers on the Incarnation

BY  POSTED Friday, March 23
We sing Christmas carols and hymns about the incarnate deity, and yet many Christians still lack a rudimentary understanding of what took place in the incarnation.
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Can You Believe in the Virgin Birth? {Lord’s Day 14}

BY  POSTED Thursday, April 7
[…] was conceived. Incorrectly pronounce New York City’s “Houston Street”—say it like the Texas city—and locals will know you are an outsider. That’s how a […]
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Is the Bible Pro-Choice?

BY  POSTED Tuesday, September 14
[…] lot of controversy right now about the new new anti-abortion laws in Texas. This meme said that because God gave up his only begotten […]
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Will There Be Different Cultures in Heaven?

BY  POSTED Wednesday, April 14
[…] the “Lamb’s book of life”? I was caught in the storm in Texas this past February and barely survived. Now, there are utility companies […]
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Mental Illness and Demonic Activity

BY  POSTED Thursday, September 3
[…] mental illness policy, Steven Waterhouse (pastor at Westcliff Bible Church in Amarillo, Texas) lists a few. For example, while “untreated people with schizophrenia will […]