Spiritual Warfare

Best of 2019: What Are the Signs of Demon Possession?

POSTED Monday, December 30
Episode 346 | Dr. Michael Horton and Adriel Sanchez answer questions on how to know if you are called to ministry, the signs of demon-possession, and how God uses suffering to…

Best of 2019: If God Is Loving, Why Doesn’t He Save Everyone?

POSTED Friday, December 27
Episode 345 | Dr. Michael Horton and Adriel Sanchez answer questions about why God doesn’t save everyone, growth in the Christian life, doubt, the new creation, and what it means that God will…

Best of 2019: What is Biblical Theology? with Special Guest Nancy Guthrie

POSTED Thursday, December 26
Episode 344 | Dr. Michael Horton and Adriel Sanchez interview Nancy Guthrie about her new book, Even Better than Eden: Nine Ways the Bible's Story Changes Everything About Your Story.

Tim Keller: The Best Way to Enjoy Your Friendship With God

BY  POSTED Monday, June 26
In John 15:12-17, in preparing for his death, Jesus redefines his relationship with his disciples. Rather than mere disciples, Jesus calls them his friends.

How Can We Best Understand the Bible Today?

BY  POSTED Sunday, January 15
In this video, Michael Horton explains why the Bible is first of all a drama.

Say Yes to the Best Offer Ever: Receive Jesus For Free

BY  POSTED Sunday, October 2
Have you ever wondered why so many people reject God’s free offer of salvation in Christ alone? What could possibly be a better deal than getting to be with God…

God: The Best Scriptwriter Ever

BY  POSTED Tuesday, August 30
Have you ever watched a play or movie and struggled to understand the plot? Without knowing the plot, it’s hard to make sense of the meaning of the story. 

5 Tips for Helping Your Teens Study the Bible

BY  POSTED Tuesday, April 7
As a parent, you want your teen to have the best education they possibly can.

God Doesn’t Want You to Live Your Best Life Now

BY  POSTED Tuesday, July 30
A key component of self-help and productivity materials is to eliminate anything in the way of optimal performance. Again, Christians should be mindful of how to work more efficiently, but…

A Personal Tribute to Tim Keller

BY  POSTED Friday, January 12
I first met Tim Keller eleven years ago. I believed it then, and I still believe it now…that he is the best English-speaking Christian preacher, thinker, and visionary of our time.

Recovering Jesus’ View of Scripture

BY  POSTED Wednesday, February 10
I’ve read some truly brilliant papers (and plagiarisms). Never, though, have I ever thought about writing atop one of them: “This is the breath of God.”

15 Ways to Lead Like Jesus

BY  POSTED Tuesday, December 19
As Christians in service to God, we are called to a ministry, not a business, and to a vocation, not a paycheck.