• Almost 60% of our youth leave their churches as young adults, with many of them joining the growing numbers of the so-called, “nones”: those who profess no adherence to any faith whatsoever.
  • The Pew Research Center reported those identifying themselves as “Christian” shrink from 78% to 70%. That’s a drop of eight percentage points in just seven years.
  • Meanwhile, those calling themselves atheist, non-religious or simply unaffiliated rose from 16% to almost 23%.

The church in America is shrinking.


That’s why we’ve launched Here people will be able to access a growing library of online resources that answer fundamental questions. Who is Jesus? Why do we worship the Trinity? Don’t all religions say the same thing? If God is good, why is there so much evil in the world?

The Campaign for Core Christianity is dedicated to providing free resources you can trust to help you understand the reason for your hope as a Christian. We want you to experience the joy God has for you in Jesus Christ—and have the confidence to share your faith with others you know.

  • Together we’ll help Christians recover their joy, hope, and confidence in Jesus Christ.
  • Together we can take the core message of the Christian faith to people who have never heard it and to those who tragically have left it behind.
  • Together we can see the church and the world changed as Christians have their hearts set on fire for Christ and have their minds grounded in the truth of God’s word.

When we understand what the Bible teaches, we can all find ourselves in God’s story. There’s just no better place to be.

Join the campaign by knowing “what you believe and why you believe it” and sharing these resources with others. Right now, we are waiting for Christ’s return, but you don’t have to wait to help Christians have joy, hope, and confidence in their faith.  Prayerfully consider discipling a small group today.

The Campaign for Core Christianity is funded by the generous donors of White Horse Inn.

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