The Pew Research Center recently reported that atheists, agnostics, Jews, and Mormons score higher in religious knowledge than Protestants, outperforming them on questions about the core teachings and history of Christianity. Almost 60 percent of our youth leave their churches as young adults, with many of them joining the growing numbers of the so-called “nones,” those who profess no adherence to any faith whatsoever.

Despite this unsettling news, the core message of Christianity, the gospel, is still capable of renewing our lives and the church.

In everything we do at Core Christianity, we aim to answer the hard, unsettling questions of our times with both skeptics and committed Christians in mind. We want to give answers that not only show why Christianity is true, but also why it is good and beautiful. Our message focuses on the core, historic Christian faith. This historic Christian faith is nothing less than the gospel of Jesus Christ for the salvation of the world. It’s the message that all Christians have believed. And we believe it’s the only message that can speak to the struggles of the current generation.

Through articles, events, radio shows, Bible studies, and other discipleship resources, we desire to show the hope that Christianity has offered to generations of people. We believe this same message of hope can speak to the concerns of long-time, committed Christians, new Christians, Christians with wavering faith, and skeptics alike. We want to challenge skeptics and the growing numbers of people leaving the church with answers of substance and beauty, answers that give hope to the hopeless by speaking to the profoundly relevant issues of our day.

Rather than worry or act out of fear and self-preservation, we believe that the best hope for Christians, the Church, and the people who feel the pressures to abandon the faith, is the historic Christian faith, the gospel announcement of what God has done through Jesus Christ for the world. We want to share this message by providing great content built around the core of Christianity.

If you share our hope, join us as we seek to live a courageous, hope-filled faith believing that the gospel is nothing less than “the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes” (Rom. 1:16).

You can help through prayer, using and sharing our resources, or donating to our mission.