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Core Christianity: Tough Questions Answered

Jesus Is God: Leader’s Edition




This product is a PDF download. Price: $5.99

Our 4-week study Jesus Is God takes students through the biblical foundation for believing Jesus was truly the Son of God and the Savior of the world. For Christians who want to get a good foundation in the basics, this study is a complete, self-contained study.  This study contains the following lessons: Who Is Jesus?; Exploring the Claims; Proving the Claims; Answering the Challenges 

Features of the Leader’s Edition:

The Jesus Is God Leader’s Edition has been designed with the goal of providing the support you need to effectively mentor your group members. This edition will ensure leaders will be well prepared both to facilitate online and in person group meetings. The Leader’s Edition has the following features:

  • Key Scripture passages: Provides leaders with key Bible passages for a given lesson topic to use in 1) preparing to lead and 2) guiding students online and in face-to-face meetings. The guide also provides suggested prayers to open and close the meetings.
  • Key Questions: Contains suggested opening, ice-breaker questions for each lesson that will get the group talking about the topic and ignite their interest.
  • Key Direction: Gives simple and specific direction for leading an engaging discussion group that moves people from understanding their faith to sharing their faith.

Use with Jesus Is God Student’s Edition

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