Jesus Is God: Student’s Edition

Our 4-week study Jesus Is God takes students through the biblical foundation for believing Jesus was truly the Son of God and Savior of the world.​


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What Did God Promise? Student’s Edition

Our 4-week study What Did God Promise? takes students through the biblical foundation for understanding what God promised and how he has kept and continues to keep his promises to his people throughout the ages.

Finding Yourself In God’s Story MP4 Download

For your donation, get MP4 downloads of four 40-minute conference talks that will help you rediscover joy, hope and confidence in what God is doing for you and is doing in you.

Is God Great and Good?: Student’s Edition

For Christians who want to get a good foundation in the basics, this study is a complete, self-contained study on the character of God.  ​

Core Christianity

Receive Dr Michael Horton's book Core Christianity for a donation of any amount! 

Why Is the World a Mess? Bible Study

Our 4-week study Why Is the World a Mess? takes students through the reasons for the existence of evil and suffering and what God did to deal with them.


Gospel of John Bible Study (Workbook)

A 10-week Bible study through the Gospel of John (soft-cover workbook). 

8 Things Everyone Should Know About Church

Have you ever wondered what the Bible says about church, if anything? Is the church just a building or people? Is it necessary for the Christian life? This resource answers these questions and many others.

9 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Depression

This resource provides you with a foundational understanding of what depression is, how the Christian faith relates to depression, and how you can help someone who suffers from depression. ​