4 Ways to Enjoy Deeper Fellowship with God

If you are a Christian, then you are united to Jesus Christ through faith by the power of the Holy Spirit. Your identity is found in Jesus—he is the vine and we are the branches (John 15). Because of our union with Christ, we are able to have communion (or fellowship) with the Triune God.

This is not something that we can earn, and there is nothing we can do to earn union with God—this is given to us through the finished work of Jesus. This distinction between union and communion is important because we can never lose our union with God; however, our communion with him can ebb and flow.

Here are four ways to increase your satisfaction in and enjoyment of God.

1. Attend church.

Regularly attend a biblical, gospel-centered church that also administers the sacraments (Baptism and the Lord’s Supper). This is the most important event each week for every Christian—don’t stunt your growth in Christ by missing out on the feast God has prepared for you through the ministry of Word and Sacrament.

2. Read the Bible.

Read and meditate on the Bible daily. God gave us his Word so that we could know him better, understand our need for a savior, and learn how to live in light of the reality of our redemption in Christ. Reading the Bible should be a daily priority for every believer.

3. Serve.

Look for opportunities to serve and care for others who are in need. It’s actually through loving and serving our brothers and sisters in the faith, and our neighbors, that we demonstrate that we do in fact love God (1 John 4:20 and James 1:27).

4. Pray.

Cultivate a life of prayer. Prayer is the lifeblood of the Christian. We don’t only listen to God (through preaching and reading the Bible), but we also are able to talk to God and express our concerns, give him our thanks, ask him for help, and pray for others. Relationships that flourish take time, communication, and attentiveness in an environment of mutual joy and delight. Since you are a child of God through Jesus, you have bold access to the Father through prayer (Heb. 4:16).

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Nicholas Davis

Nicholas Davis is lead pastor of Redemption Church (PCA) in San Diego, California. Nick has worked for White Horse Inn for several years, has written over one hundred articles for Core Christianity, and has work featured in Modern Reformation, Fathom Magazine, Mockingbird NYC, Church Leaders, Banner of Truth, and other places. Nick and his wife, Gina, have three sons. He blogs at nicholasmartindavis.com. Connect with Nicholas on Twitter @MundaneMinister.

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