A Q&A With Pastor Adriel

Core Radio went LIVE this week, and I sat down with Pastor Adriel to hear more about what it’s like to answer listeners’ questions on the air. 

Pastor Adriel, when you answer questions on the radio, who do you have in mind?

I think about this in two ways. First of all, I’m listening to the individual questions. That’s what’s so cool about the live format–I get to have a conversation with the person who’s asking the question. As I do, I know everyone’s going to have a different question, so I also have in mind trying to get to the heart of the question being asked, so that people listening can connect the answer to their own life and circumstances.

Secondarily, we really want to address people who may not really grasp the depth of the Christian faith yet. One of the reasons that I got into Core Christianity to begin with is because I would love to see people who don’t really have a strong understanding of the Bible, or a grasp of the cardinal Christian doctrines that are fundamental for all believers in all times, to call and be encouraged and to grow in their understanding of God’s Word. 

We get–and we welcome!–all sorts of different callers. We have people who have been walking with the Lord for a really long time, who are asking these really deep, intellectual or theological questions, and I like those kinds of calls. But I also love talking to people who are wrestling with what it means to live the Christian life. How do I know that God loves me, that I can trust his Word? Those kinds of things might feel more basic, but they’re really important and ultimately make all the difference in our own lives.

What’s your favorite part about answering people’s questions on the radio?

Well, there’s a huge benefit for me personally. Maybe this can sound a little bit selfish, but I love answering questions because it really forces me to be on the ball, studying the Scriptures. 

But in terms of the people we speak to, I really enjoy when we get feedback from people who are making really important connections in their own faith, through things they’re hearing on Core Christianity. It might be someone who calls us or shoots us an email and says, “Since I’ve been listening to the program, I’m finding that I’m starting to rest more in what Christ has done for me, rather than look to how faithful I’ve been this week.” That feedback we get from people has probably been the greatest blessing, because sometimes when you’re behind the microphone, you can start to wonder if this is really impacting anyone. So it’s a huge joy and encouragement, for me and for the whole team, to hear from our listeners.

I also love people’s practical questions–the questions about how to live the Christian life. I love being a pastor and helping people wrestle through these kinds of pastoral questions, like what it means to be a Christian, how to love their children and spouses, and how to be a faithful part of the church.

Thanks for tuning into Core Radio. We’d love to hear from you! To ask Pastor Adriel your questions about the Bible and the Christian life, you can call 833-843-2673 Monday through Friday at 11:30am PST / 1:30pm CST.

You can catch the livestream of our show here on our website, on Facebook Live, and on YouTube.

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Kendra Dahl

Kendra Dahl is the Content Director for Core Christianity and a writer, wife, and mom of three. Originally from Fargo, North Dakota, she currently lives in the San Diego area, where she loves life among the beach and mountains and doesn't miss the snow even a little bit. She just completed an M.A. in Biblical Studies at Westminster Seminary California and writes to invite people into the healing and freedom found in knowing Christ. You can find her on Instagram.

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