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Six Characteristics of Pastors you need to Avoid

Not everyone who identifies themselves as a pastor, or religious teacher, should be listened to. Peter warned the believers in his day, “But false prophets...

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The Ascension: Jesus’ Victory March Through the Cosmos

Jesus was going to war for us, and now he gives us the spoils of victory, the wings of a dove covered with silver, its pinions...

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Why You Need to Stop Being Too Busy for Jesus

I’ve always been intrigued by the scene in Luke’s Gospel where Mary sat at the feet of Jesus, while Martha busied herself serving him. Martha...

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Does Being Gracious Mean Turning a Blind Eye to People's Sin?

And in the same way that a little bit of leaven makes bread rise, a little bit of sin left unchecked will grow.​

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When You Feel Spiritually Adrift

If you’re feeling spiritually adrift right now, I have good news for you: the gospel doesn’t change. 

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Abortion, Human Dignity, and Jesus

News of New York’s new legislation related to abortion has left many Christians heartbroken. 

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Is It a Sin to Miss Church?

Is attending church really that important? 

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Dear Christian, Love Where You Live

Dear Christian, God came and lived among us and he loved us. Let that reality shape the way you view your neighbors, and the city...

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Jesus: The Perfect Burnt, Sin, and Guilt Offering

What does it mean that Jesus was our perfect sacrifice? 

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Touching Jesus Makes You Holy

With Jesus we find a God whose holiness is contagious. We find someone who can deal with our shame, guilt, and corruption.