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What to Do With Your Wavering Faith

The main question is, what do we do with this wavering faith, with this poor connection?​

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God's Presence in the Midst of Our Weakness

One of my favorite movies as a child was Bambi. One scene impressed me more than anything: after Bambi’s mother dies in a forest fire,...

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Life after the Death of a Son: What I have Learned about God’s Calling

I asked God to take me and made preparations. The few people who knew looked at me with either pity or apprehension.​

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Who You Are and Why It Matters

I grew up in the hippy generation, when we tried to “find ourselves,” mostly by introspection. I have never been good at that.

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When Broken People Show Up at Your Broken Church

What does a loving community look like for people with mental illness? 

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When You Feel Like Giving Up Hope

They talked about the hope of medical recovery, while I was talking about biblical hope.​

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How the Church Can Love People with Schizophrenia

When families who live with schizophrenia first begin to talk to others about their challenges, they often discover a host of aching people.​

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Pastor in Muslim Country Wrongfully Indicted

Turkish pastor, Fikret Bocek, faced a tough decision after hearing of his wrongful indictment.

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Life and Death: In the Valley of the Shadow

At a second visit, the doctor disclosed the diagnosis and prognosis to my son: "You have schizophrenia." I was not prepared for this.