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Praying in a Pandemic

The force of this sudden, impetuous virus has left some of us speechless. Watching the number of deaths rise daily by the hundreds in some...

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COVID-19: How Christians Should Respond

Covid-19 can officially be added to the list of small things that have caused great upheaval.

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How the Gospel Resizes Our New Year’s Hopes and Fears

A new year is at our doors, waking up a mixture of hopes and fears. For many, it’s a chance to turn a new leaf...

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When the Merry Is Missing: the True Tidings of Joy

Are you dreading the Christmas holidays? This article is for you. 

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3 Reasons People Ignore Church History (But Shouldn’t)

It is often said that Americans don’t like to study history, and church history is no exception. Many of the reasons behind this attitude are based...

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What to Do With Your Wavering Faith

The main question is, what do we do with this wavering faith, with this poor connection?​

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God's Presence in the Midst of Our Weakness

One of my favorite movies as a child was Bambi. One scene impressed me more than anything: after Bambi’s mother dies in a forest fire,...

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Life after the Death of a Son: What I have Learned about God’s Calling

I asked God to take me and made preparations. The few people who knew looked at me with either pity or apprehension.​

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Who You Are and Why It Matters

I grew up in the hippy generation, when we tried to “find ourselves,” mostly by introspection. I have never been good at that.

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When Broken People Show Up at Your Broken Church

What does a loving community look like for people with mental illness?