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Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work

Do New Year's resolutions really work? Are they worth making? 

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How Jesus Conquered the World and Why It Matters

Jesus redefined victory which confused everyone around him and still confuses Christians today. It reveals the character of his kingdom and why it matters for us...

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The Psalms Are All about Jesus: Psalm 2

At times it can be hard to believe that Jesus sits on the throne. This is because we live in a very uncertain world. 

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Our Top Ten Articles From 2018

Core Christianity's top content from 2018! 

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Jesus: The Perfect Burnt, Sin, and Guilt Offering

What does it mean that Jesus was our perfect sacrifice? 

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Why Christmas Leaves Us Longing

The holidays, whether filled with joy or difficulty, have an ending and often leave us longing for more.​

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'Twas the Night of Christmas

'Twas the night of Christmas, when all through Israel not a prophet was stirring. The priesthood had settled for a long winter’s nap. King Herod...

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Touching Jesus Makes You Holy

With Jesus we find a God whose holiness is contagious. We find someone who can deal with our shame, guilt, and corruption.  

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The Jesus Christ That Nobody Wanted

Christianity, as set forth in John’s Gospel, is not about climbing up a ladder to God. It’s about God’s descent to us from the manger...

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What Christmas Gives Our Post-Christian Culture

There are no stairs: you need to throw yourself into the love of Christ. It is an all-or-nothing thing. In trusting him, you will lose...