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How We Can Know God Wants to Be With Us

God loves us and desires to be with us so much that he came down and became one of us.

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Where God Is Hiding

Advent is a season of waiting, of expecting, of hoping, of trusting.

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The Limitations of Forgiveness

Lots of people treat forgiveness as only a form of therapy. It’s a way of moving on. It’s a form of personal healing. This is...

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Why Jesus Had to Die For Us

The declaration that our sins were laid upon Christ, the sacrificial lamb and warrior king, is the most liberating news the world has ever heard. Here...

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When You Pray, It's Okay to Plagiarize

One of the most difficult things for Christians to do is to be called on to pray publicly. It is like an exam. We often panic...

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Does God Really Invite Everyone?

There was once a great king who threw a wonderful and bountiful feast. 

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The Sin That Hides Behind Piety

Our sin can be so deceptive that we even use piety to hide our pride and orthodoxy to push God and others away.

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The Resurrection and Christian Mission

The famous “Great Commission” of Matthew 28:18-20 is almost always studied in isolation from the rest of the chapter. We can only understand it fully...

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Why Your Morality Will Never Be Enough for God

What does rule-keeping have to do with Christianity? What does this have to do with the gospel?

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Should Christians Pray for God to Judge their Enemies?

One of the treasures of worship in the Christian church is the Psalter: one hundred and fifty inspired songs, many of them written by David....