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10 Things You Should Know about the Garden of Eden

Rather than thinking of Eden in terms of perfection, we should think of it in terms of potential.

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10 Things You Should Know about the Resurrection

1. The resurrection is the core of the Christian message and should never be neglected or assumed. Sometimes today, when we hear the gospel preached,...

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11 Bible Verses that Show Jesus Is King

Where in the Bible does it teach Jesus is king? 

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11 Classics Every Christian Should Read

Of course, nothing is more classic than the Bible. Aside from the Holy Bible, however, there are certain books that all Christians who have access...

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11 False Assumptions about Christianity

People believe all kinds of things about Christianity, a lot of which is false, which allows them to easily dismiss it. What false assumptions have...

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11 Meditations on the Cross of Christ

Christians celebrate something very odd - the death of a Jewish man on a Roman torture device. We come together on Sunday to meditate on...

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11 Short Meditations For Good Friday

Every year Christians celebrate this time known as Good Friday. Many of us come together in churches to meditate on the death of a man...

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11 Top Posts on Parenting and Family Worship

Whether you are a new parent or seasoned veteran, we hope that you'll find these posts encouraging and helpful. Here is a list of our top...

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12 Principles for Disagreeing with Other Christians

Concerning any area of disagreement on third-level matters [i.e., disputable issues that shouldn’t cause disunity in the church family], a church will have two groups:...

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12 Reasons I Love My "Smaller" Church

According to a recent report by the Barna Group, 83% of American churchgoers attend churches with less than 500 members. Here are 12 reasons to...