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Why Does the Trinity Matter?

As you come to know God, you come to know the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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Why Do We Ask God For Our Daily Bread?

If I’m honest, at times it seems a bit unnecessary to pray for my daily bread. If you ever feel like this, I would encourage you...

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Why Easter is Good for Our Bodies

I held her hand as we sang her favorite hymns, and I read 2 Corinthians 5 over her. A long-time, faithful, sweet saint, she was...

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Why Faith in God Is Not Stupid

How do we know God exists? How can we know anything? Is faith in God stupid?

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Why Following Your Heart Can't Make You Happy

We are often told to look into our hearts and to follow our dreams in order to find happiness and peace, meaning and fulfillment. And...

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Why Forgetting Ourselves Is Neccessary for Holiness

If you are like me you may be thinking that Jesus’ love, humility, and standard of service are impossible to live up to. If so...

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Why God Lets Us Suffer

Why do bad things happen to God’s people? Why does God allow those whom he loves to suffer egregiously? Here's what one godly man learned...

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Why God Won't Give You Everything You Want

Does it seem like everyone has a great life except you? Why does it sometimes seem like God isn't giving you the good gifts he...

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Why Hasn't Jesus Returned Yet?

At Christmas time, Christians celebrate the first coming (advent) of Jesus is birth. Ever since Jesus was resurrected and he ascended to heaven, Christians have...

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Why I Am Not Roman Catholic

John Calvin felt the sting of the Devil’s taunt to Luther, “Are you alone wise among men?”