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Without Holiness No One Will See God

Making a promise means you have to perform what is necessary to fulfill it. 

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Wondering What to Do with Life?

We know we are supposed to do something with the lives we have been given, but we’re not exactly sure what that something is or...

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What is a healthy and comprehensive view of worship? How should we understand worship? Why is it so central to Christian formation?

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Worship Is Not a Reflection of How You Feel

Joy is not something that comes naturally. In fact, it is a choice.​

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Would Jesus Attend Your Church?

Here are three truths to keep in mind if you want your church to be a church where Jesus can be found.

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Yes. God Requires Obedience for Salvation

True faith always bears the fruit of love and good works. You can’t be united to Christ for justification and not also for sanctification.​

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Yes. You Should Care About What Other People Think

It’s your life; you can live it however you want, right? Wrong.

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You Are More Than Your Twitter Bio

These days, if we want to tell someone who we are, we have to be adept at defining it in 160 characters or less. We...

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You Are the Problem With the World (and so am I)

Christianity offers a compelling story with great explanatory power for the human experience. It is a story that makes sense of why humanity does amazing...

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You Are What You Watch

What does watching TV have to do with worship?