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Why Won't My Feelings of Emptiness Just Disappear?

The more empty and hollow we feel inside, the stronger the guards we place to keep others from finding out who we really are.

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Why Would God Let Evil into His World?

How can God be infinite and good when evil exists?

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Why You Don’t Have to Fear in the Valley

What is the secret to fearlessness? 

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Why You Don’t Have to Obey All the Rules in the Bible

If you asked most people outside of the church what Christianity is about, what would most people would say?

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Why You Don’t Need to Be a Super Saint to Be a Spiritual Mother

No theological expert. No super saint. Just a woman willing to be obedient to the command to mother. There are women in your church who...

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Why You Need to Be Born Again

What does it mean to be born again?

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Why You Need to Be in Church this Sunday

Sadly, Sunday worship has fallen on hard times in the United States. Back in 2014, when the Barna Group asked Americans what it was that...

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Why You Need to Stop Being Too Busy for Jesus

I’ve always been intrigued by the scene in Luke’s Gospel where Mary sat at the feet of Jesus, while Martha busied herself serving him. Martha...

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Why Your Child’s Misbehavior Shouldn’t Be Your Next Social Media Post

Age-Old Topic Parents have been telling their friends and families about their kids’ misadventures since . . . well, probably as long as there have...

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Why Your Happiness Does Not Have a Price Tag

Our idols don’t look like the gods of the Parthenon or stand on the corners of the street. Yet, they stare at us as we...