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How to Help Your Kids Read the Bible

How do you help your kids read the Bible? 

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5 Ways God is Father to the Fatherless

In an age when families are often split and there seem to be more single parents than ever, the loving care God provides his people...

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3 Signs You Hold an Unbiblical View of Grace

Rarely is service rendered without expectation of return. Perhaps this is the reason grace is so difficult to understand. We have a hard time wrapping...

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God Can Heal, He Will Heal, but What If He Doesn’t?

All of us will face suffering. We are all only a phone call away from our life changing forever. We will get sick. We will...

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How to Know God

What does it mean to know God and how can know him? 

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The Paradoxical Pattern of Jesus’ Life

The life of the Christian is based on and modeled after that of Jesus Christ.

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The Wrong Way to Practice Spiritual Disciplines

Bryan Chapell discusses the wrong and right ways to practice the spiritual disciplines.

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5 Myths about the Bible

Myth #1: The text and translation of the Bible is completely unreliable. In a Newsweek article a few years back, the author claimed, “No television preacher has...

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How to Overcome Fears You Might One Day Turn Away from Christ

Christian leaders have made headlines recently for public departures from the Christian faith. Such news can be jarring and send questions rattling through the hearts...

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Have You Ever Lost Trust in God?

I once did. It felt like a balloon in my chest quickly deflated. As I ransacked my mind for Scripture to keep me hopeful, my...