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Christian, Your Depression Is Real. So Is God’s Deliverance.

Depression is serious, but so is God about his redemption. 

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What Will Heaven Be Like?

For those who treasure Christ’s promise to prepare a place for believers to dwell with him (John 14:2–3), one of the biggest questions is “what...

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Never Forget: You Need What Your Kids Need

Sometimes we need to remember for ourselves the things we tell our kids. ​

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Your Pastor Needs Your Prayers

This is why your pastor needs your prayers and encouragement...

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I Left Same-Sex Romance for Love

It’s easy for people to misunderstand why I left a life of romantic and sexual relationships with women.​

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Does the Bible Teach That You Can Lose Your Salvation?

Michael Horton and Adriel Sanchez tackle two difficult passages about whether someone can lose their salvation. 

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How Idolizing Comfort Can Lull Us into Spiritual Sleep

We can become so sated on the little pleasures of the world that our time with the Lord becomes dull and boring or it sort...

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Parents: Expect Your Kids to Make Mistakes

Every day as a parent requires you to speak up because one of your kids has messed up.​

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A Surprising Liberation

“What surprised me was that confession wasn’t humiliating—it was liberating.”​

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Evangelism at the Bus Stop

I had described people who had been transformed by Christ—and who were so eager about being Christians that they couldn’t wait to bring their prayers to the Lord....