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5 Misconceptions About Parenting That Will Hinder Your Children from Coming to Jesus

When my children are grown, the one thing I hope they will take with them from our family is …

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8 Habits of the Excellent Bible Teacher

I’ve learned that becoming excellent at anything starts with carefully cultivating particular daily habits. Excellence is more about the seemingly small things we do every...

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Why We Don't Pray

We should not have to be sold on gimmicks for prayer. We should recognize to whom we are to be praying and why. But for...

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Everyone Is Worshipping Something

The question isn't whether you are religious or not. The question we need to ask is, what are you worshipping?

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What Gender Problems Reveal About Our Hearts

It should go without saying that gender identity is a complex reality.

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Is God Your Greatest Treasure?

There are only two portions in this life: the portion of the Lord or the portion of the world. We cannot have both. Where is...

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10 Things You Should Know about Suffering

Christianity teaches that the goal is not to eliminate pain and weakness (in this life), but for God to work in and through you in...

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When You've Failed, Lean on Jesus

When we face the shame and consequences of our sins, we may wonder how Jesus’ death so long ago brings us comfort today? The truth...

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Why the Lord Disciplines Those He Loves

God's “proper” work of love and grace must be distinguished from his “alien” work of judgment and wrath.

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What Christ Wants You to Know Above Everything

Maybe we struggle with sin and assume Jesus is angry with us. We go through a difficult season and assume Jesus is punishing us. We...