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Yes. God Cares about What You Say

Jesus taught that it is important to evaluate people based upon their words. 

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How to Have Hope in the Midst of Heartbreak

 If you have lost hope. If all seems dark now and the path forward lost, then this is my prayer for you.

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What I Learned in My Season of Depression

What I learned from my time with depression. 

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4 Prophecies about Jesus' Coming

These prophecies show us that God is truly faithful to every one of his promises.‚Äč

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Christian, Your Faith Should Make You Uncomfortable

You and I can be tempted to do all the right things on the outside while rotting away on the inside. 

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Why Black Friday Can't Make You Happy

One of the most powerful forces that controls this present culture is the god of consumerism.

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A Thanksgiving Meditation

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you are able to enjoy the holiday and give thanks to God for all that he has done and continues to...

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The Most Frequent Command in the Bible: Do Not Be Afraid

How many times I quoted Psalm 56:3 to myself as a child, I do not know: “When I am afraid, I will trust in you.”...

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Will God Really Use All Things for Your Good?

God often uses hard providences to bring forth spiritual growth in the hearts and lives of his children. As the apostle Paul famously promised to...

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Pray for Christians in These Five Countries Where the Persecution Is Extreme

But there was something that scared Paul more than painful beatings and long imprisonments. Paul was concerned that the fear of more suffering might hinder...