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Michael Horton's Top 10 Books

Dr. Horton shares his top 10 favorite books. 

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The Dumbest Thing I Ever Said

Christianity was easy when I was taking but it became real when I had to start giving. The difference is love. Love always gives it...

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Worship Is Not a Reflection of How You Feel

Joy is not something that comes naturally. In fact, it is a choice.​

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6 Effects of God's Power

The power of God is real, and it is dangerous, and it is wonderful, and it is comforting; and we must come to terms with...

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Should We Worship and Pray to the Holy Spirit?

The names Father and Son are familiar and ordinary however Holy Spirit conjures up something mystical, something outside of and beyond our ordinary experience.​

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Christ the Victim

We cannot quantify suffering, but it is probably best to assume that Christ’s decision to endure the cross was more than equivalent to a man...

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What to Do With Your Wavering Faith

The main question is, what do we do with this wavering faith, with this poor connection?​

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The Hardest Words to Pray

On that basis, all that Jesus asks for in relation to himself is that the Father will be true to him, attesting him as his...

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Your Ambition Might be Satanic

If you were to ask people in the church to describe demonic practices, you aren’t likely to hear the word “ambition” listed. Sure, maybe witchcraft,...

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How Do I Tell My Wife I Was Abused?

I share stories that took place during over two decades of child abuse, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and psychological abuse.​ What I didn’t expect was that...