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How to Engage the Culture Without Losing the Gospel

Q1. What are the biggest challenges facing the church today? The greatest challenge always facing the church is whether it will preach the gospel.  Not...

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What You Need to Know About God's Plan for Your Life

As we read the pages of the Bible we discover a plan that is far greater and more inspiring than any other. God has big...

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Why Honeymoons Never Last

It happens sooner or later in every relationship: someone will let you down. We have a term for the earliest stages of a relationship: the...

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Advice to Those Hesitant to Pray for the Holy Spirit’s Presence

In Ephesians 5:18–21, Paul encouraged the church to avoid being drunk with wine and instead seek the filling of the Spirit. When the Holy Spirit...

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4 Truths About Christian Giving

Christian virtues, of which generosity is one, are disciplines that Christ commends, commands, and models as life qualities that should mark out all his disciples......

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4 Reasons Why You Should Believe in Heaven

Perhaps we should ask what “heaven” is before we investigate the case for heaven.

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Why You Don't Have to Worry About the Future

It’s summer. Graduations are over. Kids are off from school. Vacations are underway. It can be an exciting time. For many people, though, the stress...

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A Common Mistake to Avoid When Reading the Bible

Sinclair Ferguson draws a striking contrast between helpful and unhelpful Bible reading.

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How to Know What Happens After You Die

The Christian's confidence and knowledge of the afterlife depend not upon the ability to gaze into the future, like some palm reader, but on looking back at...

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8 Ways to Help Depressed Christians

Many of us struggle with what to do when someone we know is depressed but fear, confusion, or misunderstanding prevents us from helping. So, let...