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5 Reasons We Don’t Disciple

There's a great need for discipleship in the church but few people who take on the responsibility. Why is that? 

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6 Things Writing An Evangelistic Book Taught A Guilty Non-Evangelist

6 things a writer learned about evangelism from asking people how they were converted. 

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Seeing Christ in the Book of Ruth

The book of Ruth tells some important things about Jesus. 

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Where Will I Go When I Die?

Death doesn’t kill souls, but it does seal their destinies. Both the rich man and Lazarus in Jesus’ parable speak to us.​

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Were the Nephilim Aliens?

Where the Nephilim angels or aliens or something else? 

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God's Hidden Purposes in Your Suffering

What if our suffering has more to do with other people than it does us? 

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Our Grumbling Puts God on Trial and Finds Him Guilty

We can all too easily think of grumbling as harmless. But grumbling—all grumbling, including yours—is toxic.​

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Why Love Is Greater Than Faith and Hope

Why does Paul say love is the greater than faith or hope? 

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How the Church Can Love People with Schizophrenia

When families who live with schizophrenia first begin to talk to others about their challenges, they often discover a host of aching people.​