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Walk A Life Unnoticed

We don't know much about the man Enoch. Even though we know nothing about this man, his brief mention in Hebrews 11 confronts us with the...

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How the Church Gets Justice Wrong (and How to Begin Getting It Right)

Where Scripture speaks, the church speaks. Where it presses God's claims of justice on behalf of our neighbors, we must hear and obey. Yet the...

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How to Live in the World, for the Sake of the World

At my church every worship service ends with a blessing as the minister sends us back into the world.

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An Open Letter to Those Frustrated by Their Progress in Sanctification

There are those seasons where things go very slowly. You wonder, “Is this all there is? Why do I keep struggling with the same old...

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3 Ways the Psalms Should Shape Worship

The Bible contains a whole book of praises, the book of Psalms, and it’s filled with insights that can help to shape our musical worship...

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5 Reasons We Should Not Always Do What Feels Right

Here are five reasons why we should not listen to Obi-Wan when it comes to the Christian faith and our decisions in life.

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A Funeral Sermon for My Friend Who Committed Suicide

One of the hardest sermons a pastor will ever preach is after someone chooses to end their own life. What hope do they have? What...

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What Baptism Teaches Us About Guilt, Grace, and Gratitude

It turns out that water—one of earth’s most familiar substances—can be used by God to impress upon his people his amazing plan of salvation.

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Help and Be Helped

We all need help and we are all helpers—that’s part of being human. We need help for our souls, especially while going through hardships. We...

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How Great (and Gentle) is our God!

Let’s turn from media headlines to biblical headlines in order to correct our worldview and continue through 2018 in a more peaceful and trusting spirit....