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Gospel Inclusion for Isolated Teens

As our teenagers cling to any sense of community or belonging they can get, may we offer them one that will never leave them out...

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Three Biblical Signs of Spiritual Immaturity

Faithfully going to church doesn’t automatically make you a mature Christian. I’d never discourage you from being in church every Sunday, but hearing the word...

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How to Embrace Your Emotions Without Being Ruled by Them

Navigating our emotions can be tricky, but its easier if you continually review a few basics. 

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You Are the Problem With the World (and so am I)

Christianity offers a compelling story with great explanatory power for the human experience. It is a story that makes sense of why humanity does amazing...

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7 Steps to Walking the Spiritual Walk

Romans on Living Life in the Spirit Life in the Spirit is a journey, and while there are many great passages throughout Scripture that discuss...

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What the Faithful Christian Life Looks Like

"This is what muscular Christianity looks like." 

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Six Characteristics of Pastors you need to Avoid

Not everyone who identifies themselves as a pastor, or religious teacher, should be listened to. Peter warned the believers in his day, “But false prophets...

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Don't Wait Another Year Until Easter

Don't wait until next Easter to celebrate these realities!

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5 Myths about Depression

Our minds are “housed” in our bodies and not disconnected functionally or mechanically from them.​

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Why Your Child’s Misbehavior Shouldn’t Be Your Next Social Media Post

Age-Old Topic Parents have been telling their friends and families about their kids’ misadventures since . . . well, probably as long as there have...