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A Plea for Holistic Christianity

What does it mean to have a healthy and holistic Christian life? 

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5 Sources of True Change

What is the source of true change?  

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What's Keeping You From Love

The world says love yourself; you’re worth it. The Bible says love God and love your neighbor as yourself.

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The Lord's Supper in Redemptive History

The Lord's Supper points us both back to Christ and forwards to Christ. 

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"I Thought Christians Were Stupid Bigots"

It would be tragic to pretend like this real part of my life, my sexuality is less than it is. But Jesus is more precious than even that...

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The Christian's North Star

This is the [North Star] for the child of God—faith in his Father’s providence, promises, and grace.

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When You Feel Spiritually Adrift

If you’re feeling spiritually adrift right now, I have good news for you: the gospel doesn’t change. 

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What Is Original Sin?

The truth is that we are more sinful than we realize.

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Should We Seek to Burn Out for Jesus?

Good intentions can't save you from burnout. 

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How Jesus Brings You to the Father

How do we have "access to the Father"?