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Hell Is Not Separation From God

The problem here is that hell, rather than God, has become the object of fear.

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The One Thing About Sexuality That Christians Just Don't Get

What is a common misconception among Christians about the relationship between sexuality and personal identity?

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The Gospel According to Mary

The glad tidings of Genesis 3:15—namely, that God will give Eve an offspring who will crush the serpent's head—creates faith. Yet it also initiates a...

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Spiritual Authority in an Anti-Authoritarian Age

The question of authority is a hard and really uncomfortable one for a lot of people because we live in an anti-authority age in which...

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Why Christmas Is For the Lonely and Grieving

Maybe you look ahead to Christmas and you see a day filled with coldness, loneliness, grief, or family feuding rather than one filled with warmth...

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The Kind of Christianity That No One Talks About

If Christianity is going to survive in a post-Christian environment, then Christianity should not only be asserted as true, or even good for the world,...

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15 Ways to Lead Like Jesus

As Christians in service to God, we are called to a ministry, not a business, and to a vocation, not a paycheck.

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America's Religious Climate and Christianity's Exclusivity

Religious pluralism… is the belief that differences between religions are not a matter of truth and falsehood, but of different perceptions of the one truth....

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What Love Is and Why It Scares Us to Death

Love is something greater than a feeling. It is greater than infatuation or lust. Love is something so much greater than that and it scares...

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Encouragement for Weary Leaders: What You are Doing Matters

Having now served for eighteen years in pastoral ministry, I still resist the professor’s advice that pastors should seek their primary community and friendships outside of...