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Pastor in Muslim Country Wrongfully Indicted

Turkish pastor, Fikret Bocek, faced a tough decision after hearing of his wrongful indictment.

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3 Ways To Live By Faith When Life Makes No Sense At All

On October 19, 2014, my life changed. I was in acute renal failure and didn't know it. If I had waited another week to see...

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3 Reasons Why Every Christian Needs the Church

When you become a disciple of Jesus, you are not the only disciple in this world. There are others whom Jesus has also called, and we all...

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What Is a Sacrament?

Many people think the sacraments are a pledge or dedication of our lives to God. But is that true?

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The Greatest Challenge Facing the Church Isn't Religious Liberty

What is the greatest threat facing the church? Why do things feel so awful today?

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Don't Get Trapped in the Power Paradox

Have you ever noticed that the more power a person gains, the less compassion they have for those beneath them? Positions of power mean added...

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10 Things You Should Know about Sex

Sex that recognizes God’s existence becomes the beautiful, intimate, relational act of worship that it was intended to be.

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5 Ways Your Work Can Be a Blessing

We often forget that God’s command to perform work was given before Adam’s fall and exile from Eden, not after! 

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5 Misconceptions About Parenting That Will Hinder Your Children from Coming to Jesus

When my children are grown, the one thing I hope they will take with them from our family is …