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5 Myths About Marriage

Most people believe one or more of these myths about marriage. Which ones do you believe?

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Who You Are and Why It Matters

I grew up in the hippy generation, when we tried to “find ourselves,” mostly by introspection. I have never been good at that.

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The Comfort of "I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life"

These three definitive words are given not only to make theological points but also to comfort us today.​

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Why Christianity Consistently Collides with Culture

In our pluralistic world, holding to the Christian faith often results in various sorts of clashes and collisions with our neighbors.​

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5 Myths about Science and Theology

Science and theology have been at war for decades. Here are five myths about science and theology. 

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10 Challenging Truths about Sex and the Bible

The Bible defies many of the assumptions of modern culture about sex, love, and marriage. Sadly, the church has even absorbed some beliefs from culture...

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When Evangelism Feels Impossible: Coming to Jesus Before Going to Make Disciples

Imagine giving a child a bucket and commanding them to empty the ocean. It’s a ridiculous request and way beyond the realms of possibility. But...

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Stop Praying “Be With” Prayers

This phrase is most likely in your prayers but it doesn't need to be. 

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Can the Devil Control Your Thoughts?

We can go wrong in two directions when we talk about Satan.​

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Is Jesus Meeting Your Needs?

You have milk, but do you have life?