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Confusing Faith with "Taking Big Risks for God"

Many of us can remember well-meaning sermons that taught us to “step out in faith,” whether it was writing a larger check than we felt...

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8 Things to Remember When Teaching Kids Theology

Children are always asking the question ‘so what?’ What does this mean for me, my life, or my family? The ‘so what’ factor is an...

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Is God Punishing Me for My Sin?

“Did I give my grandmother cancer?” One of my students asked this as tears began to well up in her eyes.

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Coming to Terms With Our Inadequacy

If everyone’s life has meaning, why does life often feel chaotic, fast-paced, and empty? When these feelings come, you and I can begin to ask:...

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The Surprising Way God Helps Us With Our Daily Struggles

Whereas every physically blind person knows that he is blind, spiritually blind people are blind to their blindness; they actually think that they see, when...

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The Kind of Apologetics Jesus Uses

There will always be Christians who will rightly and necessarily point out that we must present Christ and not ourselves. They will say that we...

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10 Things You Should Know About the Cross

A Bible without a cross is a Bible without a climax, a Bible without an ending, a Bible without a solution. Here are ten things...

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6 Ways Jesus Radically Altered Marriage

Jesus' teachings on marriage radically altered its meaning and purpose. His teaching sent shockwaves throughout history. He did this by stepping into a conversation on adultery...

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Core Christianity Premiering September 3rd

I am excited to announce the launch of a brand new radio show called Core Christianity.

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How Christianity Is Different From All Other Religions

The world’s religions have certain traits in common, but until the gospel of Jesus Christ burst upon the Mediterranean world, no one in the history...