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3 Ways Christ’s Resurrection Changes You

Because of who Christ is, the resurrection is an event, unlike any other in history, which has the power to fundamentally change us because it gives a...

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When It's Hard to Wait on God

Are you having trouble trusting God while you wait for him to answer your prayers?  

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I've Repented So Why Do My Past Sins Keep Haunting Me?

He declared to her, "your sins are forgiven in Christ's name." And she says, “but what about the abortion that I had?” And he said,...

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6 Reasons Why I Love Easter

I love Easter. I love the celebratory music we sing at church. I love the passages of Scripture we read during worship. Most of all,...

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What One Prostitute Teaches the Church

Rahab was one under condemnation who was saved by grace. She, in many ways, forced her way into the covenant community, grasping for herself the...

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Four Things Youth Workers Would Tell Parents About Teenagers, Social Media, and Technology

Before you read on, I think it is important to say that this article might shock and disturb you.​

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Why Study Church History?

What's the point of studying church history? 

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How Can I Love Someone Who Has Hurt Me?

Martin Luther King Jr. had some powerful things to say about loving our enemies. 

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Are People Who Have Never Heard the Gospel Doomed?

Are those people who have never heard the Gospel “doomed” because of their ignorance? While judgment is never an easy topic to deal with, for...

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Ministering to Teenagers Changed My Understanding of the Gospel

My first small group of girls was the worst...They were mean. Like a group of Regina Georges.​