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Yes. God Requires Obedience for Salvation

True faith always bears the fruit of love and good works. You can’t be united to Christ for justification and not also for sanctification.​

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Why She Left the Church

She was right to leave the church for that. 

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In Memory of Eugene Peterson: Viewing Our Daily Work as Holy

Eugene Peterson is now with the Lord but we can still learn from his insights. In this video, he explains how our work glorifies God. ...

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Answering Children's Questions at Halloween

Kids often ask the best, but the hardest, questions. How should we answer their questions about Halloween? 

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5 Practical Ways Churches Can Care for Women

A local church-planter recently asked me about how his church can better care for women. As I've reflected on this question since that conversation, several...

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Jesus' Favorite Title for Himself and What It Reveals

Jesus often used a title in his earthly ministry that we often misunderstand. This title tells us a lot about his saving work and about our...

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5 Differences Between Law and Gospel Everyone Should Memorize

Give up the tireless and futile effort of trying to justify yourself before God. Drop out of the rat race. When you are busy trying...

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What If My Child Leaves the Faith?

Christian parents may faithfully take their children to church, teach them the gospel at home, and pray diligently for them and still some seem to...

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Why Our Preaching Isn't Effective

What makes ministry and preaching ineffective in our day? Here are some challenges we face.

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God Doesn’t Accept Us as We Are

We often hear this idea in our culture that God accepts us as we are. But this isn't the real story.