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5 Ways God is Father to the Fatherless

In an age when families are often split and there seem to be more single parents than ever, the loving care God provides his people...

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Be Optimistic, and Smile!

Self-help prescriptions to “be optimistic” when you’re feeling down, “smile!” when you’re feeling sad, and “turn that frown upside down” in the end do not help us...

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6 Blessings Older Folks Bring to the Church

Though age or experience is not identical to wisdom, older folks are usually a real blessing to the church. 

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How to Read Your Bible: God's Promises Made

 It can be hard to know how all the books of the Bible fit together. One phrase that does a good job summing up the...

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How Can Anyone Know If There's Life after Death?

In this video, Michael Horton explains what the Bible tells us about life after death.

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The Psalms Are All about Jesus: Psalm 2

At times it can be hard to believe that Jesus sits on the throne. This is because we live in a very uncertain world. 

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A Simple Way to Have Family Devotions

Family devotions is spending time with God and your family, reading Scripture, praying, and singing a song as praise to God. 

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How to Measure Success

“It is not your business to succeed (no one can be sure of that), but to do right. When you have done so, the rest...

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The Psalms Are All About Jesus: Psalm 1

The man in Psalm 1 is not just any man. It is a very particular man. The man is referring to the one Mediator between...