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The Law is Good but We Are Bad

When my firstborn son was only eight months old, we often had deep theological conversations. Here’s how one of them went.

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Good People Don't Go to Heaven

Do our best efforts get us anywhere with God? 

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How Not to Win Arguments and Lose People

In times where the culture seems to oppose Christianity, our job as Christians is to show why Christianity is not only true and good but...

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Why Does Church Have To Be So Boring?

Every Sunday when I look out on the pews, I’m reminded of childhood. There’s always a child picking his nose, yawning, sleeping, tapping, sprawling over...

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12 Reasons I Love My "Smaller" Church

According to a recent report by the Barna Group, 83% of American churchgoers attend churches with less than 500 members. Here are 12 reasons to...

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Why You Want a Jealous God

God’s jealousy is directly connected with our good. 

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6 Things a Christian Wife Should Give Her Husband

There is a lot of confusion among Christians today regarding how a husband and wife should interact with each other. Here are 6 things a...

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A Better Spirituality

It is not just any appearance of Spiritual progress that is praiseworthy. True Christian growth must—and actually only can—occur within the Faith of the Gospel.—J.I....

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How to Think about the Christian Mission

How can the church carry out the Great Commission within its own neighborhood? 

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3 Things to Know about Union with Christ

Until recently, it never really struck me how important this doctrine was for my whole outlook on Christianity, and especially how we as Christians relate...