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Thriving in America's Difficult Religious Climate

Religious pluralism… is the belief that differences between religions are not a matter of truth and falsehood, but of different perceptions of the one truth....

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Stop Chasing Happiness. It's Making You Miserable

Here is a major problem with the happiness frenzy: it has failed to deliver on its promise. Though the happiness industry continues to grow, as...

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Don't Get Trapped in the Power Paradox

Have you ever noticed that the more power a person gains, the less compassion they have for those beneath them? Positions of power mean added...

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The Contagious Holiness of God

God's holiness is contagious. We see this throughout the Old Testament with the people of God. This is the context to what we see in...

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What Does It Mean to be Baptized in the Holy Spirit?

Despite the good intentions that exist in many churches, there’s a lot of confusion about what the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is and why it...

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Why You Should Stop Trying to Numb Your Pain

As a pastor, part of what I do is deal with wounds, the deep spiritual wounds we all have.

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3 Beautiful Fruits of a Gospel-Centered Church

It has been in vogue for the past few years to talk about “gospel-centrality.” I don’t know about you, but I appreciate the language. Having...

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3 Reasons Your Pastor’s Sermon Should Always Lead You to Jesus

Our lives aren’t changed by hearing powerful rhetoric, or repackaged self-help. True transformation comes when Jesus Christ is preached into our hearts by faithful pastors. If pastors...

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3 Ways the Psalms Should Shape Modern Worship

The Bible contains a whole book of praises, the book of Psalms, and it’s filled with insights that can help to shape our musical worship...

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5 Non-Negotiables from the Church Fathers on the Incarnation

We sing Christmas carols and hymns about the incarnate deity, and yet many Christians still lack a rudimentary understanding of what took place in the incarnation....