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Is It a Sin to Miss Church?

Is attending church really that important? 

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Dear Christian, Love Where You Live

Dear Christian, God came and lived among us and he loved us. Let that reality shape the way you view your neighbors, and the city...

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Jesus: The Perfect Burnt, Sin, and Guilt Offering

What does it mean that Jesus was our perfect sacrifice? 

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Touching Jesus Makes You Holy

With Jesus we find a God whose holiness is contagious. We find someone who can deal with our shame, guilt, and corruption.  

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How and Why Mary Is God's Mother

This divine Person, the Word, was made flesh by taking flesh from Mary.​

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Why You Don’t Have to Obey All the Rules in the Bible

If you asked most people outside of the church what Christianity is about, what would most people would say?

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Three Old Testament Pictures of Baptism You Should Know

Is baptism just a New Testament addition? How should we understand baptism in relation to the whole Bible? 

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Three Places God’s Feet Touched the Ground

One of the most wonderful truths of Scripture is that God wants to be near to us. He isn’t a distant deity, unconcerned with the...

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God Doesn’t Accept Us as We Are

We often hear this idea in our culture that God accepts us as we are. But this isn't the real story. 

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3 False Teachings about Jesus

Because the incarnation is so marvelously mysterious, there were groups in the early church that sought to explain its message in ways that undermined it. ...