How to Pray When Life Is Falling Apart

These have been days of trouble for many of us. As one pastor recently put it, “It’s like we were all signed up for a marathon we didn’t want to run, and as we approach...


God’s Gifts in Times of Crisis

One of the most shocking discoveries many people make early on in their Christian journey is that Christians have not been given special immunity from the hardships, troubles, and difficulties of life.

Christian Radio Veteran Bill Maier Joins Pastor Adriel Sanchez on the Core Christianity Radio Show

Core Christianity is excited to announce a new co-host for our 30-minute radio show.


Core Christianity Wins New Broadcast Ministry of the Year Award

The award says, “For embracing the creative power of radio with faithful, Biblical answers, to connect with hearts of listeners to the power of God’s word (1 Peter 3:15).”

Spiritual Growth

How to Overcome Fears You Might One Day Turn Away from Christ

Christian leaders have made headlines recently for public departures from the Christian faith. Such news can be jarring and send questions rattling through the hearts of the faithful: ‘How could someone who once taught the gospel to others, now deny it? And if it could happen to them, could we be in danger of a […]

Spiritual Warfare

Pray for Christians in These Five Countries Where the Persecution Is Extreme

But there was something that scared Paul more than painful beatings and long imprisonments. Paul was concerned that the fear of more suffering might hinder him from fulfilling his calling to boldly proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Spiritual Growth

The Christian’s North Star

This is the [North Star] for the child of God—faith in his Father’s providence, promises, and grace.


The Time Jesus Shared Depressing News

Have you ever considered how these words must have landed on the disciples?

5 Ways Logos 8 Can Improve Your Bible Study

Here at Core Christianity, we’re often asked for recommendations on top Bible study resources and tools. Our team loves to share resources we’ve used ourselves and found helpful in our own study of God’s Word. Of all the investments students of God’s Word can make today, Logos Bible software continues to be one of my […]


8 Habits of the Excellent Bible Teacher

I’ve learned that becoming excellent at anything starts with carefully cultivating particular daily habits. Excellence is more about the seemingly small things we do every day than it is about the big things we accomplish in a moment. Here are eight habits that excellent teachers practice every single day.