Help Your Kids Cope With Covid-19 Through Creativity

As a teacher at a K-12 school, I have seen firsthand some of the unique challenges, struggles, and anxieties that faculty, parents, and students face this year. Whether a school opens in person, stays entirely virtual, or runs a hybrid model...

Spiritual Growth

Why Forgetting Ourselves Is Necessary for Holiness

If you are like me you may be thinking that Jesus’ love, humility, and standard of service are impossible to live up to. If so you are right!​


3 Reasons to Study the Trinity

The Trinity is hard to understand and even harder to explain to others, so we tend to spend little time thinking or talking about it. As we meditate on the reality that our God is triune, we should be moved to worship God for who he is. 


You Can’t Be Good Without God

“You can be good without God.” On one level I understood and could even affirm what the slogan said. Not all atheists are liars, thieves, and murderers. But on a deeper level, the slogan undermines itself.


Should Christians Stockpile Toilet Paper?

As COVID-19 sweeps the globe, we are witnessing shopping habits that are at best amusing and at worst alarming. From hoarding toilet paper to yelling at and fighting with other shoppers, one thing is clear: many people are afraid. 

Jesus Christ

Does Science Explain Away God?

In ages past the world was full of mystery and magic. The universe was so vast, diverse, and intricate that no human individual or society could explain how it all worked. 

Jesus Christ

3 Ways Christ’s Resurrection Changes You

Because of who Christ is, the resurrection is an event, unlike any other in history, which has the power to fundamentally change us because it gives a new identity, purpose, and hope.

Spiritual Growth

Why Won’t My Feelings of Emptiness Just Disappear?

The more empty and hollow we feel inside, the stronger the guards we place to keep others from finding out who we really are.


What You Need to Know About God’s Plan for Your Life

As we read the pages of the Bible we discover a plan that is far greater and more inspiring than any other. God has big plans that ought to stir our blood!


How to Know God

What does it mean to know God and how can know him?