Jesus Christ

2 Places in the Bible that Teach Jesus Is God

If we recognize the truth of the divinity of Christ, then we realize the beautiful truth that in the scriptures, we not only encounter someone telling us about God, we encounter God himself.


God Doesn’t Want You to Live Your Best Life Now

A key component of self-help and productivity materials is to eliminate anything in the way of optimal performance. Again, Christians should be mindful of how to work more efficiently, but the question we need to ask is, to what end is our work?​


Are People Who Have Never Heard the Gospel Doomed?

Are those people who have never heard the Gospel “doomed” because of their ignorance? While judgment is never an easy topic to deal with, for the Christian, it is vital to understand. β€‹β€‹


Why It’s Unfair for Good People to Go to Heaven

How we were raised and our life circumstances might have very well kept us from being the cheating spouse, the person in prison, or the drug addict on the street, but it is only by the justifying grace of Jesus Christ that we are washed white as snow.