Holy Spirit

What You Need to Understand about the Unpardonable Sin

In Matthew 12:22–31, after Jesus had just cast a demon out of a man, the Pharisees accuse him of using the power of Satan to do so. In response, Jesus first points out that this is not only illogical, for what kingdom divides against itself (v. 26), but that his signs, done in the power of God’s Spirit, actually reveal that God’s kingdom has entered into their reality and is standing before them (v. 28).


How to Find Assurance in the Warning Passages of Scripture

Warning passages make us confused and uncomfortable. They often cause us to doubt what we know and wonder which side of the text we are on. We ask questions like, “Is my faith strong enough?” or “Am I really a Christian?” or “Have I already lost my salvation?” 


How God Deals with His Tattered and Soiled Children

People use clothing to fit in, to attract others, and even to express their personal identities. Yet, at its most basic level, clothing is the means by which people attempt to cover up their most vulnerable parts.