The Sound of God’s Silence

Do you know the sound of silence? Once upon a time, I played the flute in the school orchestra. I especially enjoyed playing those musical pieces where a portion of the score built up to a crescendo, followed by...


For the Heart That is Overwhelmed

This is the time of year I most feel overwhelmed. That back to school, back to sports, back to parent volunteer duties, back to driving everywhere time of year. It comes on like a deluge, and I feel as though I am drowning in responsibilities and places I...


Three Certainties for Uncertain Times

Uncertainty. If there’s one word I would use to describe this year and life during a worldwide crisis, it’s uncertainty. The dictionary defines uncertainty as “being in a state of regular or constant change.”


A Witness to Life

Being homebound this spring found me outside in the warm afternoon sun. I’d set up my camping chair in the front yard, plop down, and read a book. Like everyone else, being stuck at home meant that life had slowed way down, almost to a standstill.

Jesus Christ

Christ Our Rock and Refuge

I’ve spent a lot of time in the Psalms these past couple of months, primarily because we are discussing the laments in the virtual support group I facilitate, but also because it’s what my own heart needs right now. 


On Spiritual Grief and the Body of Christ

Each Sunday since this crisis began, I’ve found my eyes tear up during virtual worship with my church.


On Lament, Psalm 142, and this Current Crisis

How are you feeling these days? This crisis is bringing up many difficult emotions for all of us. It certainly is for me. Throughout the day, I find myself hop-scotching from worry to loneliness to frustration to boredom to discontentment.