3 Things We Often Forget When We Pray

Prayer is a feature of all world religions and also those of a more homespun variety. This is because human beings are made in the image of God and...

Jesus Christ

The Hardest Words to Pray

On that basis, all that Jesus asks for in relation to himself is that the Father will be true to him, attesting him as his “Christ” to all the elect, and exalting him, now incarnate, to his immediate presence by way of resurrection and ascension.‚Äč

Jesus Christ

How Jesus Prays for You

John 17 has been known as the “High Priestly Prayer” of the Lord Jesus Christ for many years. Its opening words make it clear that it was a prayer Jesus himself prayed, and it is essential to give full weight to that fact. But this does not mean that Christians may not use this prayer […]


What Job Teaches Us About Endurance

Job is a study of the kind of valiant endurance that Christians should display before the Lord's coming.