Kept Safe Through Death: A Meditation on Psalm 34

For the last eleven months I’ve known anxiety, fear, emergency plane rides, surgery, more surgery, emergency surgery, more emergency surgery, infection, infections that occurred while on antibiotics from the previous infection, non-healing surgical wounds, more surgery, and, not least in my litany of self-pity, twice daily dressing changes for wounds that will not go away. How can I glorify God?


The Dangers of Faking It in Ministry

The pull to becoming a worse Christian—cold, distant from God, hypocritical, and even involved in burn-down-your-life scandals—is far stronger when you are ministering to others than are the benefits that may accrue by daily association with spiritual things.


Our Faith is Historically Verifiable Or It’s Nothing

When life is raw and wretched, the only stability to be found is the truth, wherever it exists.


Why I Love God’s Immutability

I hate change. I hated it as a child, when I dressed my Shirley Temple doll in her nicest outfit and sat her on my dresser, never to comb her hair (my sisters did, and it ruined it) or change her clothes (why trade down?) again.

I hate it even more, now that age is creeping up. 


That’s Just YOUR Interpretation! Really?

Today, we are awash in a sea of subjectivism. No one has any more right to say their understanding of the Bible is more proper than anyone else's. Is this right?