How to Help People Lost in the Maze of Doubt

At some point, most Christians doubt God, the claims of the Bible, and the reality of Jesus.Especially in today’s climate, God, the Bible, and Christianity are under intense and critical...


Good People Don’t Go to Heaven

Most people today think that in order to go to heaven, you have to be a good person. We have an inner instinct that says bad people deserve punishment and good people deserve reward.


What God Sees When He Looks at His Church

The Bible is full of descriptions and metaphors of how God sees the church. Each one helps us to understand a facet of the church’s identity and God’s love, care, and communion with the body of believers.

Spiritual Warfare

Why Panic Is the Devil’s Friend

In a world that is often as stormy, irrational, and terrifying as the storm on the sea that threatened the disciples, don’t we long to hear Jesus command the storm to cease?

Spiritual Growth

Can You Be Disillusioned and Be a Christian?

Has Christianity, like some shady used car salesman, sold us a fake faith?

Jesus Christ

How You Can Know God Wants to Be With You

God loves us and desires to be with us so much that he came down and became one of us.


5 Ways God is Father to the Fatherless

In an age when families are often split and there seem to be more single parents than ever, the loving care God provides his people gives us hope. 

Jesus Christ

How We Can Know God Wants to Be With Us

God loves us and desires to be with us so much that he came down and became one of us.


5 Books for the Questioning Christian

Do you have questions or doubts about your faith? Here are 5 books you should read. 


God’s Hidden Purposes in Your Suffering

What if our suffering has more to do with other people than it does us?