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7 Spiritual Realities of God's Church

The Bible is full of descriptions and metaphors of how God sees the church. Each one helps us to understand a facet of the church’s spiritual...

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Does God Really Invite Everyone?

There was once a great king who threw a wonderful and bountiful feast. 

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What Is a Sacrament?

Many people think the sacraments are a pledge or dedication of our lives to God. But is that true?

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When You've Failed, Lean on Jesus

When we face the shame and consequences of our sins, we may wonder how Jesus’ death so long ago brings us comfort today? The truth...

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Is God Your Greatest Treasure?

There are only two portions in this life: the portion of the Lord or the portion of the world. We cannot have both. Where is...

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How Can God Allow the Innocent to Suffer?

The book of Job is one place we can turn to see what God has to say about dealing with painful loss and hardship.

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When God Becomes a Superstition

Is your Christianity a mere superstition? Here are two errors to avoid. 

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Pornography: How We Begin to Defeat This Sin

Remember, Jesus is not ashamed of you. Here are some steps you can take.

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The Freedom God Is Giving You Today

Freedom is something sorely misunderstood in our day of "liberty" and "rights." God is giving us true and lasting freedom today, but it often doesn't...