We Need to Lament to Begin Healing

Lament enters the complicated space of deep disappointment and lingering hurt. It boldly reaffirms the trustworthiness of God. But first we need...

Spiritual Growth

Why We Can’t Lament Without Listening

I want to help you take some first steps toward reconciliation through listening. We’ll examine the connection between lament, spirituals, and racial harmony. The spirituals provide rich history and important truths.


Waiting on the Lord Is Not a Waste

Waiting for anything feels like a complete waste of time. Waiting for God to move or answer seems even worse. Lamentations 3:25–27 shows us the value of living in the space between suffering and restoration. Lament serves us well as we mourn and wait.


When God Feels Far Away in Your Suffering

Lament is the biblical language for people who feel like God is distant.

Don’t Quit—Learn to Lament

Lament is a form of prayer that talks to God about our pain. 


How I Learned to Lament

The church needs to rediscover and relearn how to lament. When we do, we find a God who graciously hears our cries and helps us.