God Doesn’t Need You and That’s a Good Thing

What was God doing before he created the world? Some guess that God was lonely and needed to fill that empty hole in his heart so he created the world. Now that the world is here, God is not so lonely anymore. Because of us, he feels fulfilled and whole. This answer is not uncommon. […]

Jesus Christ

Why the Ascension Was Important for Your Salvation

The ascension is the key to the salvation narrative.​

Jesus Christ

Why the Ascension of Christ Matters for Your Life

Christ ascended into heaven, an event we too often overlook, thinking it has little significance.​

Church History

How One Drunk German Took On the Pope and Lived to Tell the Tale

Was this movement merely a sixteenth-century kerfuffle over political power? Was it mainly an overdue revolt due to unbearable social and economic oppression? Or perhaps it was one drunk German’s way of venting to his buddies over a cold beer in a pub after a long day at work?