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6 Things You Should Know About Faith and Mental Illness

Because we are body-soul unities, physical and spiritual issues intersect in ways that can't be easily pulled apart.​

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The Crucial Difference Between Law and Gospel for the Christian Life

We don't need better advice. What we need is good news. 

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Did Jesus Preach the Gospel to People in Hell During the Two Days He Was Dead?

Does the Bible tell us where Jesus went for the three days between his crucifixion and him raising back to life?​

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Can the Devil Control Your Thoughts?

We can go wrong in two directions when we talk about Satan.​

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Do Denominations Divide More Than They Unite?

Unity isn't something that we're building from the bottom up, it's something that God has already blessed us with through baptism and faith in Jesus...

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The Two Most Comforting Words in the Bible

America likes winners, not losers; triumph, not tragedy. Friedrich Nietzsche and Ted Turner have argued that Christianity is for losers, but pop Christianity in America...

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What God Gives You to Fight Sin

Pharaoh told the Hebrews to make their own bricks without straw, but God calls us to obedience, by giving us His Holy Spirit, so that...

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I've Repented So Why Do My Past Sins Keep Haunting Me?

He declared to her, "your sins are forgiven in Christ's name." And she says, “but what about the abortion that I had?” And he said,...

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How Can I Love Someone Who Has Hurt Me?

Martin Luther King Jr. had some powerful things to say about loving our enemies. 

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5 Simple Steps For Reading the Bible

Reading your Bible doesn't have to be hard. Follow these five principles for reading and understanding your Bible.