A Place for Weakness: Preparing Yourself for Suffering

Give a donation of any amount and get a copy of Dr. Michael Horton's book A Place for Weakness. 

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Christians and Demonic Activity Today

Demons and their relation to Christians is an important topic and not one discussed very often or openly among Christians. 

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America, Trust Not in Princes

God is not only all-powerful but just and good. He is the ruler “who executes justice for the oppressed,” because he is actually the only...

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Heaven Is Not Your Final Destination

The pagan, Greek view that we've inherited, as a civilization, says that the body is a prison-house of the soul. So, once we die, the...

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What Every Christian Needs to Know about Evil and Suffering

God does use trials to draw us closer to him and sometimes uses them as disciplines, to correct us as a good Father does the children...

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If the Creeds Aren't Infallible, Why Use Them?

For nearly two millennia, creeds, confessions, and catechisms have provided the necessary constraints against ignorance and instability. But if they aren't infallible, why even use...

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Confusing Faith with "Taking Big Risks for God"

Many of us can remember well-meaning sermons that taught us to “step out in faith,” whether it was writing a larger check than we felt...

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Core Christianity Premiering September 3rd

I am excited to announce the launch of a brand new radio show called Core Christianity.

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The Making of a Heretic

Very few Christians today realize the debt they owe to those who had the courage of their convictions to call heresy by its proper name,...

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4 Ways to Seek the Good of Modern Day Babylon

Here are four ways that God calls us to seek the good of our modern day Babylons according to the prophet Jeremiah.