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4 Ways to Seek the Good of Modern Day Babylon

Here are four ways that God calls us to seek the good of our modern day Babylons according to the prophet Jeremiah.

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God Is Not Your Co-Pilot

People think religion is about inner empowerment for their own life projects.  This is all law and not the good news we see in Christ. It’s...

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4 Tips for Reading the Bible When It's Difficult

One of the difficulties of reading the Bible is the Bible itself. Not only new believers, but old ones as well, often find it tough slogging...

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God Doesn't Help Those Who Help Themselves

87% of today’s Evangelical Christians (the heirs of the Reformation) affirm the medieval Roman Catholic conviction “God helps those who help themselves.” We need to recover...

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The Greatest Challenge Facing the Church Isn't Religious Liberty

What is the greatest threat facing the church? Why do things feel so awful today?

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What Gender Problems Reveal About Our Hearts

It should go without saying that gender identity is a complex reality.

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The Church Must Do More Than Get the Gospel Right

It’s not enough for the church to get the message right. Medieval knights cried “Christ is Lord” while cleaving the skull of an infidel in the...

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What Does the Spirit Do Today?

What is an authentic Christian experience? Where does God speak and work today? Join us as we take a look at the ways the Spirit...

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