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How the Reformation Radically Reshapes Our View of Grace

After translating the Psalms and Romans, Martin Luther realized that God’s grace is not like medicine at all. It is something radically different that melted...

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What Are the Solas of the Reformation?

The medieval church (what we now think of as the Roman Catholic Church) believed Scripture had authority, that people needed to have faith in Christ,...

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Where We Can Go to See Signs and Wonders

In every work of the Trinity, the Spirit is the one who brings the work to completion.

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Why I Am Not Roman Catholic

John Calvin felt the sting of the Devil’s taunt to Luther, “Are you alone wise among men?”

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John Calvin: Every Aspect of Life is Lived Before the Face of God

Calvin assumed this overarching horizon. Doctrine, worship, and life are all of one piece.

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The Reformation Was Not a Revolution

As the movement’s name suggests, the Reformation was not a revolution; no attempt was made to start from scratch, with simple negations of medieval teaching....

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Why You Should Want to Pray for Your City

Why Christians have an obligation to pray for their cities.

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I Believe in the Resurrection of the Body and Life Everlasting

When Christian confess that they believe in the resurrection of the dead they make a statement that connects this world with the new creation.

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How Can Jesus Be the Only Way?

In this video for the White Horse Inn series “Defend the Faith,” Michael Horton explains why Jesus is the only way to eternal life.

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How Can We Best Understand the Bible Today?

In this video, Michael Horton explains why the Bible is first of all a drama.