When Busyness Leads to Worldliness

How do we balance our busy lives with being "not of the world"? Is having a busy life worldly?

Spiritual Growth

Why We Don’t Pray

We should not have to be sold on gimmicks for prayer. We should recognize to whom we are to be praying and why. But for some reason we just don't.


For I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel

To many, sharing the Christian faith is not easy.


How We Misunderstand the Command to “Work Out Your Own Salvation”

As we get to know the Bible better, we find two seemingly competing concepts. On the one hand, we find passages that tell us that the work Christ has done in saving us is his work, not ours, and we don't do anything to merit our salvation. On the other hand, we find passages that seem to instruct us in holy and righteous living. 


Do I Have to Go to Church to Be a Christian?

To be a Christian means to walk in the light with others.


Parents, You’re Not “Forcing Religion” on Your Kids When You Teach Them the Faith

Sometimes parents of a child will say that they will not force their religion on their children. This is said sometimes even by Christian parents. What should Christians do?


Christians Should Never Compromise Just to Coexist

Have you seen the bumper sticker that uses symbols of different world religions (as well as secular symbols) to spell out the word COEXIST? Christians, of course, should agree to this…in a qualified sense.


Is It Right for Christians to Recite Creeds?

Some will say that they have only one creed and that is the Bible. Others will say, “I have no creed but Christ.” Is it right to recite Christian creeds? 


Is God Necessary in My Life?

Most people go through life without having given any thought to God. Why would they? The day seemed to go quite well without Him. Why would anyone think God is necessary for their life?