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10 Things We Learn from the Ten Commandments

“I’m spiritual, but not religious!” is a common phrase, even if this kind of saying is impossible to achieve in practice. Even if you practice...

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After Brussels: A Christian Response to Terror and Tragedy

Too often we quickly forget yesterday’s news, but news like this is rarely forgotten by the friends and family members of victims.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Study History

We are not a people who like to look back at the past; we want to see what’s trending now. What did our favorite celebrity tweet two-seconds ago?...

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The 3 Most Important Words for the Christian Life

There are three important words for the Christian life that you need to know.

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5 Ways to Grow in Prayer

Prayer is essential to living the Christian life in a God-glorifying and joy-filled manner. Here are five ways to help you become more faithful in...

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Why Do Bad People Prosper and Good People Suffer?

Good things happen to bad people, and bad things happen to good people. Why is there this injustice? Those who want to live a life...

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The Only Two Kinds of Theology

Most of the major world religions have one thing in common.

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What is Revelation?

Without God speaking to us—in nature and in the Bible—we would have no way of knowing that he exists, who he is, what he has done to...

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4 Points for Listening to Your Pastors Sermons

Many people assume that the sermon begins once the pastor begins speaking on Sunday. Listening to a sermon, however, should start before that.