How Not to Get the Bible Wrong

The unity in the Bible’s story is expressed in the core theme of the unveiling of the kingdom of God and what that means for us.


How Jesus’ Death Proved He Was King

We often take for granted the fact that Jesus died to save us but we don't understand the magnitude of what this meant for the people of Israel as they expected the Messiah. How did Jesus' death prove he was the king everyone was waiting for?


What the Bible Actually Says About Grace

The question, “What is grace?” sounds like a catechism question. It sounds like the kind of question that demands a concise answer. Oddly enough, the catechism used in my church does not have the question, “What is grace?” So, how does the Bible define it for us?


The Death of Death

In Christ’s earthly ministry, the Jewish people were expecting him to raise an army like any earthly kind would in order to resuscitate the Davidic kingdom (e.g., John 6:15). But what Jesus did was radically different.