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Anxiety and Depression, My Strange Friends

I am one of those ministers who has endured a handful of seasons of anxiety and depression. Most of the time, thankfully, the affliction has...

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Easter: Pathetic Or Genius?

Why did Jesus claim to be the truth, versus one single truth among many other truths? Why did he say that he would not share his glory...

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When a Cussing Heroin Addict Shows Up at Church

One Sunday at a church I served as pastor, a woman named Ann showed up. From the start, it was clear that her life had...

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Confronting and Repenting

We are living in a day when reports of abuse and evil are constantly surrounding us. What we need is a robust theology of peace-making...

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A Personal Tribute to Tim Keller

I first met Tim Keller eleven years ago. I believed it then, and I still believe it now…that he is the best English-speaking Christian preacher, thinker,...

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Encouragement for Weary Leaders: What You are Doing Matters

Having now served for eighteen years in pastoral ministry, I still resist the professor’s advice that pastors should seek their primary community and friendships outside of...

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The Big Non-Negotiable

The Bible gives the answer when it tells us that God is love. It does not say that God is loving, but that God is love.