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4 Purposes for Which God Created You

Since the one God is three persons—the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit—God did not need to create us. Still, God had a purpose...

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Animated Explanation of Sacrifice and Atonement

Why did Christ have to die? In answering that question, Christians often need to explain evil, sacrifice, and atonement. These are some big and important...

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Praying for God's Kingdom to Advance

The temptation is to take matters into our own hands and to try to use our good ideas to advance God's kingdom. We want to...

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The Spirituality Nobody Wants

The word “spirituality” tends to sound like something radical. Ordinary spirituality seems like a compromise...

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3 Ways We Experience Holiness

How do we come to experience holiness in our own lives?

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Waste Some Time

Often, Christianity can feel like wasted time. Prayer doesn't seem to accomplish anything. Reading Scripture requires patience and practice. 

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5 Things to Keep in Mind as a Sinner and a Saint

Rather than fail, people do something much worse: they do nothing. The solution is simple: go out and live, do something, and sin boldly.

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The 2 Big Questions in Bible Application

If one consistently asks these questions, that person will greatly benefit from reading the Bible. 

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4 Ways the Bible Is Already Relevant

The Bible teaches us about what it means to be human. It exposes our flaws. It shows us what it means to live by faith....

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Christ-Centered Worship

In this video, Bryan Chapell describes the message of his book Christ-Centered Worship. He explains how the gospel structures, shapes, and informs the way we...