Spiritual Growth

Long Distance Spirituality

Years ago, on the advice of an older and wiser Christian, I began trying to pray through the Psalms once every month.


The Difficulty of Community

Many things in our culture work against the maintenance of real community. We are conditioned in countless ways to think and act as individuals only, not as members of any body...

Spiritual Growth

Augustine’s Four Rules of Prayer

Augustine wrote to a Roman noblewoman who was asking about prayer. He gave her several principles she could implement that are extremely helpful for Christians today.


Tim Keller: Civility in the Public Square

It could be argued that America has never really been a genuinely pluralistic, perspective-diverse, free society.


The Importance of Hell

There are plenty of people today who don't believe in the Bible's teaching on everlasting punishment, even those who do find it an unreal and a remote concept.


Why Does Anyone Become a Christian?

Many say that Christians who maintain the historic, traditional doctrines are behind the times, are too exclusive, and are “on the wrong side of history.” Is this true?


The Resurrection and Christian Mission

The famous “Great Commission” of Matthew 28:18-20 is almost always studied in isolation from the rest of the chapter. We can only understand it fully when we remember that this charge to the church is from the risen Christ. One way to do this is to look earlier in the chapter at the angel’s claim—He is not here! And in response ask—“All right, then where is the risen Christ?” Matthew 28:18-20 is the answer. Where is the Christ, now that he is risen? 

Spiritual Growth

The Grace of the Law

We talk a lot about how we are saved by grace, not by our good works or obedience to the law. Indeed, Paul says we are not ‘under law’ but ‘under grace’ (Romans 6:15.) But what does that mean as far as having an obligation to submit to God’s will as written in his Word? Do we still have to obey the law? 


How to Bring Gospel-Renewal to Your Church

Tim Keller shares how the gospel renews us from the inside-out and from the outside-in.


Tim Keller: The Best Way to Enjoy Your Friendship With God

In John 15:12-17, in preparing for his death, Jesus redefines his relationship with his disciples. Rather than mere disciples, Jesus calls them his friends.