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The Bible Isn't Answering Your Questions

It is common for people today to look for answers to the kinds of questions that we are familiar with. If we are looking for the Bible...

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Why Following Your Heart Can't Make You Happy

We are often told to look into our hearts and to follow our dreams in order to find happiness and peace, meaning and fulfillment. And...

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How to Distinguish the Spirit of God from the Spirit of Antichrist

How can we know if the Spirit of God is present among us? Is the Spirit of Christ present in this Church? When testing the spirits around...

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Everyone Is Worshipping Something

The question isn't whether you are religious or not. The question we need to ask is, what are you worshipping?

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Why the Lord Disciplines Those He Loves

God's “proper” work of love and grace must be distinguished from his “alien” work of judgment and wrath.

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5 Reasons Why Science and Faith Are Compatible

The story we often hear goes something like this: with the rise of science and technology, belief in God is foolish. We assume miracles cannot...

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The Victorious Christian Life Isn't What You Think It Is

How can we live in the fullness of life that God has promised to us in Christ? How do we live the victorious Christian life?

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7 Ways the Ascension of Christ Changes Everything

The church has all but forgotten this important day in redemptive history ― the time we call Ascension Day. Part of the reason it gets little...

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Jerry Bridges: You Will Never Outgrow the Gospel

There are few authors who are worth revisiting again and again. One such Christian writer is the late Jerry Bridges. His work helped to reveal the...

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Becoming Practical Atheists While Believing the Truth

We cannot fool ourselves into thinking we can use the methods of violence and a rhetoric of strife while believing in the gospel of grace...