Check Your Digital Self-Image

Today we get lost in a maze of mirrors that distort our reflections of the self, argues anthropologist Thomas de Zengotita. He says that our screen technology has grown to a new pinnacle of addictive delight in the digital age because...

By the Spirit, We See the Cross

In an ocularcentric culture like ours, is it even appropriate to bring the unseen cross into our conversation? Can the cross be a spectacle for us today? None of us saw it. We now only read about it.


10 Things You Should Know About the Danger of Media

A spectacle is a moment of time, of varying length, in which collective gaze is fixed on some specific image, event, or moment. A spectacle is something that captures human attention, an instant when our eyes and brains focus and fixate on something projected at us.


Are You Experiencing FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)?

More than ever before Christians are news junkies. Through social media and websites and a 24-hour news cycle, we are aware of what is happening around us. And I think for many of us this has raised our fears to catastrophic levels of anxiety. 


3 Reasons We’re Addicted to Digital Distraction

Our phones are addictive, and, like addicts, we seek hits immediately in the morning. And, yes, there’s an app for that. We check our smartphones about 81,500 times each year, or once every 4.3 minutes of our waking lives. This is a huge problem for us.