Jesus Christ

The One Thing Christ Will Never Say to His People

At the end of your days, do you want to rely on your heart or on Jesus?​


Christian, Your Faith Should Make You Uncomfortable

You and I can be tempted to do all the right things on the outside while rotting away on the inside. 


A Call to Prayer During Anxious Times

We live in anxious times. The Bible tells us prayer is our comfort during these times. 


Why Christmas Leaves Us Longing

The holidays, whether filled with joy or difficulty, have an ending and often leave us longing for more.​

Jesus Christ

The Ground May Shift But Our Foundation Is Strong

So, how do we maintain a strong foundation in the midst of shifting situations and others swerving from the faith?


Miscarriage—You Are Not Alone!

Recently I spoke with a woman who, with tear-filled eyes, shared about her recent miscarriage. She also expressed how shocked she’d been to find out that miscarriage is so common—that many women have miscarriages but few talk about them. Her account reminded me of my own experience with miscarriage and battle with fear and faith that followed.


Is Diversity Important for the Church?

Diversity is already quite present in God’s kingdom, but we might miss it in Scripture if we aren’t looking for it. Here are four ways we can see a biblical basis for diversity and how it reflects the kingdom.