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Our Top 10 Articles of 2019

These are our most popular articles of 2019. Enjoy! 

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Best of 2019: Is My Pastor Preaching a False Gospel?

Episode 347 | Dr. Michael Horton and Adriel Sanchez answer questions about preaching the true gospel, the fear of God, the parable of the wheat and the...

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Best of 2019: What Are the Signs of Demon Possession?

Episode 346 | Dr. Michael Horton and Adriel Sanchez answer questions on how to know if you are called to ministry, the signs of demon-possession, and...

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How the Gospel Resizes Our New Year’s Hopes and Fears

A new year is at our doors, waking up a mixture of hopes and fears. For many, it’s a chance to turn a new leaf...

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What Ephesians Teaches Us about Our Past, Present, and Future

You probably have a friend or family member who has told the same story dozens of times, but somehow, each time, you are still interested...

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Best of 2019: If God Is Loving, Why Doesn’t He Save Everyone?

Episode 345 | Dr. Michael Horton and Adriel Sanchez answer questions about why God doesn’t save everyone, growth in the Christian life, doubt, the new creation, and what...

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Best of 2019: What is Biblical Theology? with Special Guest Nancy Guthrie

Episode 344 | Dr. Michael Horton and Adriel Sanchez interview Nancy Guthrie about her new book, Even Better than Eden: Nine Ways the Bible's Story Changes Everything About...

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Kids Say the Darndest Things (Theology Edition)

I have three children, ages 5, 3, and 9 months. I’m amazed by some of the questions about God that I get. Here’s a sampling...

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from the team at Core Christianity!

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Should Cultural Context Influence the Way we Interpret the Bible?

Episode 343 | Dr. Michael Horton and Adriel Sanchez answer questions about how the Bible relates to its cultural context, Matthew’s teaching that Jesus would be “God with...