Are Christians Called to Accept Suffering and Do Nothing to Change it?

Episode 370 Show Notes

From the Show

Suffering in itself is not a blessing, suffering in itself is not something you should go looking for. Martin Luther had a great line, “you don’t have to go looking for a cross; the cross will find you.” We shouldn’t want to suffer. That’s just ridiculous. But when we do suffer for the name of Christ, we are actually sharing in his humiliation…He’s not talking about suffering in general but suffering for the gospel. And here, yeah, we do just have to accept this as a cross that the Lord has laid upon us.

–Michael Horton

Questions in this Episode

1.When a lot of Christians speak about suffering, they sound as if we should just accept suffering and not do anything to change it. I have heard people use first Peter 1 this way. In first Peter 1, does Peter want us to just accept suffering?

2. I come from a Christian family. It’s apostolic or Pentecostal. I come from a family of preachers. I have backslidden and every time I try to go back to church, they preach on the stuff that they know that I have done in the past and even though I have been forgiven they put me under condemnation. How should I try to overcome this? Even though I have spoken with them about this they continue to do it.

3. Are we required to continue to forgive people who sin against us in the same way repeatedly without repentance?

4. What is the Social Gospel and how should Christians respond to it?

5. What’s the difference between the Old Covenant and the New Covenant?

6. Is the Lord’s Supper literally the physical body and blood of Jesus?


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