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Are Christians Required to Tithe?

aired September 23, 2019

Episode 276 Show Notes 

From the Show

[The Old Testament tithe] was a tenth of all you have, or you’re cut off. I mean, this in non-negotiable. To be saved in the land, to live long in the land, the land of Israel, you had to give this tithe. But now we enter the land, the heavenly land, the promised land of Jesus Christ through his obedience, Cody, not through yours. There is nothing that you have done or can do or will do that can add one scintilla of merit to what Jesus Christ has already accomplished. In fact, God will actually be offended if you want to say, “Is there one thing that I can do to be saved?” No, there is one thing to believe to be saved and that is, Jesus paid it all.

— Michael Horton

Questions in this Episode

1. My church asked me if I want to give my testimony. I want to but I’m a bit nervous and don’t really want to talk too much about my past partly because somethings are embarrassing and I’m not sure all of it is important or helpful for people to know. What do you think is most important in giving a testimony?

2. I'm new to Christianity and I'm trying to do everything I can to ensure that my soul is saved. Do you have to tithe to go to heaven? Or is this something you do because you want to do it? 

3. I feel like I haven’t grown much in my Christian life in several years. What can I do to change my situation and finally deal with sins that I have dealt with for years?

4. Why do so many Christian talk a lot about hell and judgment? Isn’t Christianity supposed to be about love?


 The Gospel Driven Life by Michael Horton

God So Loved, He Gave: Entering the Movement of Divine Generosity by Kelly Kapic


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